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Broadband Internet Industry Overview: Cable, Telco and Wireless

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1 hour 30 minutes
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Broadband Internet Industry Overview: Cable, Telco and Wireless

Today the telecom term broadband is synonymous with last mile Internet access and service bundling (voice, data and video). The first session briefly addresses the behind the Internet scene private enterprise organizations that provide the Internet structure and how they work together. The second session addresses the Broadband Internet Service Providers, the largest four providers (AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Charter) that provide services for two thirds of all residential Internet subscribers in the US and the remaining 2000+ Internet Service Providers serving the remaining one third of US residential subscribers.

Specific learning objectives:

  1. Internet Infrastructure Players: NSPs, IXPs, VPNs, Web hosting companies, content network distributors and others and how they support today's ISP's.
  1. Broadband Internet Industry Players: This session addresses the five key industry segments, their technologies, market focus, service offerings and regulatory/legislative mandates, Specifically:
    1. Cable TV Internet: Top ten players, competitive marketplace pros and cons, technology basics DOCSIS and more
    2. Telco DSL/Fiber/Copper: Top ten players, DSL/Fiber/Copper (T-1/T-3) technology basics, marketplace pros and cons, Verizon Fios and others
    3. Mobile Wireless 4G/5G Internet: Top ten players, LTE technology basics, pros and cons, 5G NSA vs. SA, competitive pros and cons and other considerations
    4. Fixed Wireless Internet Broadband: What is it? Top ten players, technology basics, pros and cons, rural business models and other considerations
    5. Communication Satellites: Top ten broadband players, pros and cons vs. fixed wireless, DBS vs. Internet access via satellite, VSATs and soon to be LEO Internet Access

Presented By:
Dr. Jerry Lucas - TeleStrategies

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