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Cloud Services – Connecting the Technology to Taxation

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Telecommunications services provided to the business community have overwhelmingly changed over the past decade due to cloud technologies. Originally, businesses’ small, medium and large leveraged cloud-based services to reduce IT staff, up-front capex, network outages (disaster recovery services) and ongoing operations costs. In addition to basic infrastructure, cloud market has emerged into thousands of niche services and specialized providers with offers ranging from hosted PBX, AI and machine learning, IOT, blockchain, satellite, video distribution, health-care, fleet management … and the list grows each day. Many of these cloud products have no taxability implications. Many of them have a clear communications component. Many are vague, and the taxability implications depends on the jurisdiction.

This webinar is for traditional operators expanding their cloud offers - and emerging cloud providers who are just getting started - and need to understand the basics of cloud computing; the underlying technologies and business models; what services are taxable; which services are not; how to classify and treat cloud services in the tax/rating/billing engines; and common pitfalls/mistakes.

Specific learning objectives:

Q&A, discussion, common tax/regulatory pitfalls, and practical feedback provided throughout.

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