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USAC Audits – Surviving the Regulatory Meat Grinder

Available on-demand

Course link: Online Training Link
Duration: 1 hour 15 min
User review: 4.7 of 5 stars
Restrictions: Access is limited to online training subscribers and 2021 conference registrations. Click here for pricing and access.


Over the past decade, ensuring compliance with the ever-changing rules surrounding the federal Universal Service Fund (“USF”) program has, without question, become the communications industry’s greatest regulatory challenge. Technological advances, the proliferation of novel service delivery methods, and consumer shifts away from traditional forms of telecommunications continue to outpace the Federal Communications Commission’s ability to keep up. Despite being in catch-up mode at all times, the FCC remains steadfastly committed to upholding its statutory duty to ensure adequate funding for universal service; indeed, the FCC has been known to stretch the bounds of reasonableness in what has become an “ends justify the means” approach to ensuring the stability and sufficiency of the USF. The FCC is heavily reliant on USAC, the USF Administrator, to achieve these goals through compliance reviews, contributor audits and pseudo-enforcement activities. A panel of experienced telecommunications attorneys who have been in the trenches representing clients in USAC audits and their subsequent appeals to the FCC will provide tips to help your company survive (or better yet, avoid) the regulatory meat grinder.

The USF webinar series is suited for experienced telecommunications tax personnel involved with USF regulatory compliance activities, as well as new entrants offering (or looking to offer) telecommunications services and VoIP services. 

Specific topics and learning objectives:

Basic information that any filer should have on hand

The site visit

Field work - Follow-up questions can continue for weeks and months following the site visit

Course corrections along the way

Audit report

"Gotchas", "Pitfalls" and the “Operational Best Practices”

Q&A, discussion and open Issues

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