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"USF 101"

User rating: 4.9 of 5 stars
Speaker: Danielle Frappier, Davis Wright Tremaine
Recorded: August 18, 2020
Duration: 1 hour 15 min
Course link: Online Training Link
Restrictions: Access is limited to online training subscribers and 2021 conference registrations. Click here for pricing and access.

The USF webinar series is suited for experienced telecommunications tax personnel involved with USF regulatory compliance activities, as well as new entrants offering (or looking to offer) telecommunications services and VoIP services. 


Universal Service Fund (USF) issues have long plagued the telecommunications industry and usually take emerging operators by surprise. This webinar is part one of a three part workshop series on USF. Part one is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of USF contributions and cover the key issues impacting reporting your revenues that are the basis for USF fees. Key topics include: issues in properly classifying services; breaking out revenues by jurisdiction; Form 499 and related instructions; and common pitfalls for each. The session will be interactive, leaving plenty of opportunity for Q&A. Part two and three of this workshop series will cover USAC audits, case studies and directions in USF policy.  


USF Basics: USF assessable revenue classification: intrastate vs. interstate vs. international; end user vs. resold; telecommunications service vs. other “telecommunications” vs. iVoIP

Form 499 Form and Instructions

Be Ready for an Audit Before You Get Audited

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