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Duration: 1 hour
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About the webinar:

Join seasoned practitioners Steve Augustino and Brita Strandberg for a lively discussion of current USF policy debates and their practical impact on providers.  In addition to these topics, Brita and Steve will leave plenty of time to answer your questions.

Specific topics and learning objectives:

USF Contribution Reform: Will the Commission or Congress make changes to address the skyrocketing contribution rate and growing pressure on the Fund? AT&T’s recent call for a legislative solution and recent comments at the FCC suggest that reform may finally be coming.

USF on One-Way VoIP: The FCC recently asked to refresh the record on contributions on one-way VoIP. Does this mean these services could be pulled into the USF? What would that mean for the Fund, for providers and for other services that are wholly or partially non-assessable?

USF and COVID-19: The FCC has already taken action to make Lifeline available to individuals impacted by COVID-19, but will this lead to larger, more permanent changes in the Lifeline program? Will the importance of broadband connectivity to remote learning and remote healthcare drive other changes to the Fund?

USF Procedural Reform: The November election will bring changes to the FCC regardless of which party wins the White House. What changes potentially are in store for the Universal Service Fund under new FCC leadership? Could the USF see procedural reforms common in tax administration, such as voluntary disclosure programs, amnesty and/or statute of limitations reform?

Q&A, discussion and open Issues

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