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Emerging Technologies:  Could You be Selling Telecom?


Audra Mitchell – Managing Director, KPMG LLP
Jeremy Blocher – Managing Director, KPMG LLP

Recorded: January, 2021
User rating: 4.8 of 5 stars
Duration: 1 hour
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The term “telecommunications service” often brings to mind the ability to make and receive phone calls, either via a wireline or wireless network. On the other hand, states and cities define telecommunications service more broadly to include, for example, the transmission of voice, data, video, audio, images and information. Does this include video conferencing, remote data sharing, IoT devices, video streaming, software platforms, or a variety of other service offerings that are continually evolving and currently in high demand? How can you tell?

This session will cover which of these services itself, or the manner in which the service is sold, could cause the company to be deemed a telecommunications service provider with a state and/or local indirect and telecom tax collection responsibility.   

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