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Communications Taxation '22
Pre-Conference Half-Day Workshop
May 4, 2022

"Understanding USF" Workshop

May 4, 2024 -- 1:00PM - 4:30PM (Half Day)

4 CPE Credits

No additional fee, price is included with the conference fee.

This workshop explores the Universal Service Fund (USF) issues that have long plagued telecommunications and emerging operators. Six leading attorneys in the field will discuss basic principles and current issues impacting the determination of carrier contributions to the USF, including: the basic principles involved in determining the appropriate revenue base upon which to base the USF contribution; issues involved in classifying services and related revenues as telecommunications versus information services; methodologies used to determine telecommunications revenues by jurisdiction; the Form 499 and related instructions, highlighting key compliance areas; the USF audit process and common issues; USF-related issues to consider in connection with merger & acquisitions; and USF policy updates.

This session is suited for both experienced telecommunications tax personnel involved with USF regulatory compliance activities, as well as new entrants offering (or looking to offer) telecommunications services as part of their overall service package.


USF Basics: Principles and Form 499

1:00PM - 2:00PM

Presented by:

USF Basics:

Form 499 Form and Instructions

"Gotchas and Pitfalls," Q&A, discussion and open Issues

USF Master Class:  Navigating Difficult Issues

2:15PM - 3:15PM


Excellence in Execution.  

  1. Bundled services vs Single Integrated Services
  2. Options for Allocating Revenue from Bundles
  3. Jurisdiction Allocations:  When to Use Safe Harbors
  4. Revenue Estimates and True-Ups:  How Not to Get Burned

Special Cases in USF Reporting.  

  1. Reporting for the First Time 
  2. Revisions to Revenue Reporting
  3. Mergers/Acquisitions/Deactivation 

USF Today, USF Tomorrow, and USF Always 

3:30PM - 4:30PM
Presented by: Brita Strandberg & Stephanie Weiner

I. USF Today

II. USF Tomorrow

II. USF Always


Dress is business casual.