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Federal Networks 2022 will be held June 1-2, 2022
at the Tysons Corner Marriott, Virginia

Federal Networks 2022 Covid Policies

Face Masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Your health and safety are a priority for us - and we want to make sure that all attendees feel comfortable during the event. As such, we have put the following COVID policies in place:

We strongly encourage the use of face masks during the conference, however currently there are no social distancing, testing, vaccine or masking requirements or laws from the Marriott, the State of Virginia or other local agencies.

Face masks and PPE are not required except in spaces where you can not fully socially distance. Specifically, if there are sessions in which you can not spread out, or don't want to spread out, you should wear a mask.

We will provide face masks to anyone who needs or wants one.

Please respect each other's space and social distancing preference

Please respect each other's space. If you are not wearing a mask, but see a colleague who is wearing a mask, be respectful and give them 6' of space or wear a mask before approaching them. We want everyone to feel comfortable.

Please Be Responsible - Negative COVID Status Honor System

You are on the honor system to make sure that you are not putting others at risk. For the safety and peace of mind for everyone, we ask that you be cautious. If you have any doubts, get tested before coming to the program.

Have Symptoms?

Stay home. We will refund you, as will most airlines and hotels.

Testing and Vaccine Requirements

We do not require a COVID test or vaccine cards to attend the event.

Extra room

We are working with the hotel to make sure that we have ample seating in the sessions so that folks who want to socially distance during the sessions, can do so. If there is not enough room to socially distance, wear a mask.

Increased Cleaning and Disinfection

The hotel will provide continuous cleaning throughout the course of the event, with a focus on high-touch areas such as door handles, restrooms and food and beverage areas. The exhibit and conference rooms will be closed each night for deep cleaning.

Hand washing facilities and sanitizing stations will be provided throughout the event space. We encourage all participants to regularly wash and disinfect their hands.


These health and safety precautionary guidelines are subject to change as directed by local authorities, and will be updated as needed to comply with any new or relaxed safety directives.

Have concerns? Send us your input!

If you have other ideas, concerns or suggestions on how to improve the safety procedures, please us me an email!

Bernadette Douglas, beaton@telestrategies.com